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Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

Orton Gillingham focuses on written language disorders and reading disorders. This program incorporates visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning to transfer learned information into long term memory. 


Tutoring services are available by trained teachers and speech-language pathologists.



Orton Gillingham Tutor

Peggy initially sought Orton Gillingham training to learn how to help her two nieces and nephew who have dyslexia. She earned her Practitioner 1 Certification through the Dyslexia Center of Indianapolis two years ago, and completed the Practitioner 2 Certification this past year. With over 200 hours of 1:1 tutoring under her belt, she plans to keep learning and adding to the depth of her practice so that she can share her knowledge with as many students as possible. She has experience tutoring students in grades K-8, and is also interested in helping high school aged students with essay writing. Dyslexia has become her passion and she loves the relationship that she has with each of her students as she shares their journey with them. 

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