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About KIDS, Inc.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Hellen Keller


Shellie King

I have been a speech language pathologist for over 25 years in pediatrics specializing in motor-based speech disorders and feeding development. In 2007, I co-owned Feeding Friends and brought families together at mealtime to work on feeding skills. In 2019, I opened my new company, Kids Innovative Developmental Services, Inc., with the hopes of providing families with more of a family focused model to support children in their everyday routines. This allowed me to re-focus on what is important with families, day to day treatment ideas to help their children within the family dynamics. Each child is unique and so should their treatment! My team focuses on collaborating with other professionals and people in the community that are involved in the child’s daily life. It is important to carryover skills and understand more of what the child needs in various settings. One of my roles is to educate my staff and provide consultative support with families in the clinic. 

“What a gift to work as a cohesive team to serve our families ”

Meet The Team

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